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Electrostimulation of the lingual nerve by an intraoral device may lead to salivary gland regeneration: A case series study

Autores: Wolff AKoray MCampisi GStrietzel FPLafaurie GIBeiski BZEkström J




Salivary gland function is controlled by the salivary reflex, whose efferent arm is composed by the parasympathetic and the sympathetic divisions of the autonomic nervous system. Parenchymal injury is the main salivary gland involvement of Sjögren’s syndrome and head and neck radiotherapy, but neural damage has been reported as well. Recently an intraoral device for electrostimulation of the lingual nerve in vicinity to the lower third molar has been introduced. At this point this nerve carries efferent fibers for the innervation of the submandibular, sublingual and several minor salivary glands and afferent fibers of the salivary reflex. Therefore, excitation of these fibers potentially leads to increased secretion of all salivary glands. Thus, the study objective was to assess whether comprehensive neural activation by electrostimulation of the lingual nerve carries the potential to induce the regeneration of damaged salivary glands.

Material and methods:

The device was tested on three patients with no collectable resting and stimulated secretion of saliva during a double blind, sham controlled period of two months and nine open-label months.


All three subjects developed the capacity to spit saliva, not only in direct response to the electrostimulation but also after free intervals without electrostimulation. In addition, their symptoms of dry mouth severity and frequency improved.


This recovery is probably due to the combined effect of increase in secretory functional gland mass and regain of nervous control of the secretory elements and blood vessels. Both are phenomena that would contribute to gland regeneration.


Med Oral Patol Oral Cir Bucal. 2018 Sep 1;23(5):e552-e559. doi: 10.4317/medoral.22597.

PMID: 30148471 PMCID: PMC6167107

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